Swimming pools are basically open water systems that are very susceptible to elements in the environment that are normally drawn to water such as bacteria, fungus, algae and viruses. Taking some simple and straightforward precautions to prevent contamination is easier than you think.

Swimming Pool Maintenance guidepost #1:

Ensure your pool is always covered when it’s not being used. This will prevent leaves, insects, dirt and debris from getting into your pool. It’s one of the most basic elements of proper and effective swimming pool maintenance.

Swimming Pool Maintenance guidepost #2:

You want to make sure the water is warm when you go to use it and investing in a solar cover is a great option. Solar covers are relatively inexpensive and can help heat your pool’s water by as much as one degree per day and will also help trap the heat at night.

Swimming Pool Maintenance guidepost #3:

Keeping your pool’s chlorine levels at optimum levels is essential in the prevention of algae and fungi growth. Once those occur, they can be very difficult to clean and get rid of so purchasing a quality pool testing kit is a necessity. Don’t forget that regular monitoring of your pool should still be maintained even in the winter months. Bacteria and other swimming pool maintenance Philippines contaminants can still be a problem when the weather is colder.

Swimming Pool Maintenance guidepost #4:

To maintain accurate readings of your pool’s pH and chlorine levels, replace your chemical test kits on a regular basis. Using an old kit may not give you the best readings and these are two areas you need to be sure of for safe and healthy swimming.

Swimming Pool Maintenance guidepost #5:

Vacuum your pool on a weekly basis. As people use your pool, they can unwittingly bring a lot of dirt with them and it can build up quickly. This will not only stain your pool, but it introduces more bacteria into the water, which can result in an unsafe environment. No good swimming pool maintenance routine can do without it.

Taking good care of your pool through proper swimming pool maintenance is an essential part of being a good pool owner and will ensure your pool remains an inviting and safe place for you to enjoy.

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