Apart from power, another option for the RC helicopter to work is the RC heli batteries, which are becoming increasingly popular, and here is all you want to know about them.

You must always wait for a minimum of 10-15 minutes after draining the RC heli batteries to charge it. This will permit the battery to cool before every charging cycle. Just make sure the battery is very cool before you plug it.

If you feel the battery is hot after being used, it means that the Rc lipo truck batteries is aging and getting old. A battery warmer than 130 degrees is not safe at all. So, if the battery is very warm after the flight, you should get a new one. It might explode if you keep using it in order to save money. Buy a higher quality battery for the next time.

A few terms, which you must know before buying RC heli batteries –

MAH: This stands for Milli Ampere Hour. This, basically, is the electric charge that is transferred by a current of a milliampere for an hour. It is obvious that higher the MAH is, longer the battery lasts on every charge. Also, you can change this particular part of the battery without having to damage the heli.

Volt: This is the electrical pressure. This, basically, determines how much power will be able to flow to the motor. Specifically, for the lipo batteries, voltage comes in the multiplication of 3.6 volts, or 3.5 volts each cell.

Cell: This is an independent 3.6-volt battery.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion): This is a kind of battery, which has a rigid shape and cell structure. It is safer than the lipo battery, however not as efficient.

Lithium-Polymer (Lipo): This is a kind of battery that has a flexible shape and cell structure. Lipos can easily catch fire and also explode if dropped on a hard surface.

So, you need to be very careful while handling this kind of a battery. Although more dangerous, this is more efficient as compared to li-ion batteries, and it is light in weight and comes in practically any shape and size having the same cell count.

Thus, you see that there are many kinds of batteries you can use. But you need to do a proper research before settling on any of these because not all may suit your need and work of the RC helicopter. So buy RC heli batteries only after doing your homework.


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