What’s the importance of an AdSense calculator? Is it only those who suffer from AdSense fever the only ones who need to continuously measure their success? What’s the use in using something that gives you an approximation? Why use something that might possibly frustrate you than give you information that you can use?

AdSense calculators are essential tools in any modern AdSense campaign. You don’t necessarily have to be suffering from AdSense fever to use an AdSense calculator. AdSense calculators give you a good idea of how well… or badly your AdSense site is performing. It can also give you a good idea of how much you should be earning. Depending on the sophistication of the CTR Calculator in question, the approximations can be very accurate. But even simple calculators can be very useful.

Some way of measuring the performance of your AdSense website puts your AdSense strategy into perspective. It distils everything down to the factors that actually results in cold hard AdSense cash; Cost-Per-Click’s (CPC’s), Click-Through-Rate’s (CTR’s) and traffic (number of impressions). If a site has very high levels of any of these factors with a second factor at reasonable levels, it can be considered to be a decent AdSense site.

AdSense earnings is all about the CPCs, CTRs and traffic of your AdSense site. And an AdSense calculator tells you exactly what you need to know using the values you get from these factors. They can also tell you what you might be doing wrong. For example you might be getting a decent a level of traffic passing through your site… and your CPCs might also be reasonable for your AdSense theme, yet you’re finding that your earnings are low. Of course you know that your CTRs are poor, but you can use a simple AdSense Calculator to work out how poor they are.

Don’t dismiss the benefits of AdSense calculators, a calculator needs to be used once in a while to get a feel of how well your AdSense site is performing. It keeps your eyes focused on the ball, it re-aligns your attention towards what matters in relation to gaining AdSense cash. Ideally you should be documenting the progress of your site in a journal but only the most diligent and organized AdSense publishers do this. But the data gathered from a calculator can help you monitor the progress of your AdSense site.

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