You walk into the Barber shop supply to get a haircut. You sat in the barber’s chair. Your request: “cut it low with razor tape all around”. Barber finishes, you get up, pay the barber and walk out admiring your haircut.

You make your appointment with your hair beautician. You walk in, get your usual proud hair style, pay for your services, you walk out looking good, smiling from ear to ear because YOUR HAIR IS STYLING!!

Did you leave with a scalp infection or maybe with some little critters in you hair?

Did you barber or stylist take the necessary steps to insure that you wouldn’t get an infection?


Barbers, hair and nail stylists alike knows that there are precautionary steps that can be taken to maintain a healthy and safe working environment in order to protect their customers from infections. Here are some secrets that they might not want you to know.

I will share with you all 10 of these little secrets.


  1. Unclean conditions can result in vegetable parasites also known as fungi. Mold, mildew and yeast can cause communicable diseases like ring worms.- Oh, don’t forget the pesky little animal parasites such as scabies- pediculosis capitis- otherwise known as head lice.
  2. Take note of how dirty or clean the waiting area is. Then scan the salon, look for things like: * hair color residue dripping down the wall * hair build up in the corners * really messy and dirty shampoo bowls
  3. If the filth is that obvious…. RUN!!!

  4. For your hair service, are you wearing a cape? Is the cape the same one used for the 10 other people before you? How about the 40 earlier in the week. How much neck sweet do you want from others?. Most states require a neck strip or a towel to be placed under the cape.
  5. Check out the clippers. Ask if they have been sprayed or disinfected with any of the disinfectants. All guards should be soaked in Barbicide Plus. Combs, brushes and clippers should be sanitize. If barbicide looks cloudy it need to be changed. Barbicide should be changes everyday
  6. Did you get a shampoo? Did the barber or stylist grab a semi-dry used towel from the dirty laundry basket, because they are out of clean towels?. Feel free to ask why the towel feels damp.
  7. How much hair is on the floor in that salon or barber shop? Is there enough to make you slip and fall? There is no State Law that requires this, but most cosmetology school teaches sweeping after each cut. Wouldn’t you agree that your stylist or barber should care enough about your safety to sweep the floor?
  8. If you are getting a blow dry take care to notice the stylist’s hairbrushes. Do they look like small furry animals? That would mean that it has been way too long since he/she cleaned them. Brushes should be de-haired and sprayed with disinfectant between every client. If it looks really bad DO NOT let brushes touch your head.
  9. Look for a bottle of hand sanitizer on your stylist’s station. A stylist should be cleaning theirs hands between each client.
  10. One of the WORST culprits in this business is a nail salon, mainly pedicure foot bath. Many time due to time restraint, many nail tech may not properly bleach or disinfect. Have you heard of Mycobacterium fortuitum furunculosis? This is a bacterial infection which causes ugly sores. Man, I knew that. RIGHT!
  11. Your stylist or barber should do a scalp check during your consultation before even starting your service. This is where stylist decides if it safe to work on your head. Many stylist do not consult with their clients at all.



By Gilbert

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