If you are not familiar with the saltbox style, you may not know it gets its name from New England colonial structures. The style takes less space in your yard, without losing storage space.

It is two stories in the front and tapers to a single story in the back. It can add character and charm to any back yard.

The unique saltbox style two story sheds will add interest and storage space that enhances your outside living space. This roof design allows for increased storage on a much smaller footprint. The front of the building is actually two stories high, while the back is only a single story.

It is the roof that makes the saltbox so unique. The front roof is short and steeply angled and gradually slopes in the back.

Because the saltbox is two stories in front, it makes a great storage building. You can put double doors on it, yet not detract from the appearance.

The saltbox is great for storing tractors, and scaffolding such as professional painters use. It is also a good place to store the boat or other water craft and equipment.

The saltbox roof is a bit unusual and requires some complicated cuts that may be difficult to figure out on your own. That is still another reason to find a good set of drawings or blueprints.

Improper measuring and cutting adds cost to your shed project. A good set of prints will show you how to make every cut accurately, and that will save you time and money.

Professionally drawn plans will be rather detailed. They will include a complete list of material, everything you need to complete the shed. The saltbox style looks really good, but it is also style that is not easy to build without those detailed blueprints.

Trying to build on the “by guess and by golly” method will defeat you for certain. You could become discouraged and abandon your project before it is complete. Unless you have a good set of rather detailed drawings, your project could be structurally unsound and ugly as well.

Let me recommend that you do not try to cut corners on the salt box style shed. Pay the bucks and get the good drawings. Then take the materials list with you to the lumber yard so you buy only what you need.

The saltbox shed is a unique style and a challenge to construct. However, with a good set of drawings, the salt box shed would be within the talents and skills of the do-it-yourself man.


By Gilbert

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