Giving away corporate gifts is not as easy and simple as it looks like. It needs thorough brainstorming as finding out what gifts to give, to whom it will be given, and if it would have an impact. You take into consideration the taste of the people you will be giving it to, their preferences, and what suits their personality. You need to come up with great Corporate Gift Ideas and decide when the ideal time of the year it should be distributed. It is also necessary that the gifts that will be given are useful yet unique and something that is worth remembering.

Popular Corporate Gift Ideas

When giving out corporate gifts, it is essential that you convey the message to your client. You are giving them gifts because you value them as a customer and a sign of gratitude for keeping the business ties with you. You might call it discrimination but most often the gifts you send out to regular employees are different from those that you send out to the bosses. Here is a list of the popular Corporate Gift Ideas.

  • Desk clocks. This is a very useful corporate gift ideas. You can have your brand name printed on the clock itself and a few contact details for them to easily locate your number, rather than going through a bunch of business cards or phone directory. Desk clocks are also classy, especially when they look expensive. You look at a clock a lot of times at the office. Every time you look at the time, you are also reminded of the brand that is imprinted on it.
  • Parker pens. Not to be brand conscious about your, but Parker pens do make an impact when they are given out as corporate gifts. You send out a message that they are valued because you give them something valuable. And to give it a more personalised yet sophisticated look, you can engrave your brand name on it.
  • Wine glasses. Wine glasses have always been associated to elegance and camaraderie. And when giving out gifts such as this, it also conveys the same message to the client. As precious as every glass is, this is how you view your clients. These are functional and so these items are very useable. You can have your brand name engraved on the glass.
  • Engraved key rings. Key rings have always made it to the list of Corporate Gift Ideas when it comes to promotional items. They may belong to the conventional items, but these items have proven to be fit as advertising products.


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