Is It Worth The Cost?

For some couples deciding on therapy or counseling, one of the many factors to consider is the cost. Although it is going to be pricey, in many instances, it is well worth every cent you are going to spend when you go to counseling.

Some questions you should ask to determine if it is worth the cost for you include:

  • What are your issues, personally and as a couple, and what can a counselor help you determine?
  • How much are you willing to spend, to save your marriage?
  • Do you want to be in the marriage? – If not, it may not be worth spending the price you are going to pay.
  • How long will it take to hash and work things out, and how is counseling going to help?
  • Are you willing to become intimate with a stranger, and discuss all your issues in the open? and,
  • Are both you and your spouse willing to work on it, or is it more one sided.

These are some of the many questions that have to be answered, to help determine if therapy and counseling with a professional is worth it. Not all couples benefit, but those that are willing to work things out, talk, and get things out in the open, are far more likely to have their marriage work out, after going in to therapy and in to a few counseling sessions.

Will You Succeed?

The success rates are pretty high for those who stay in counseling for sufficient time. For couples who have gone, about 25% are worse off after stopping therapy, and about 40% divorce after four years, if they completely stop counseling sessions. But, there are different forms of therapy, one being integrative behavioral Couples Counselling Vancouver therapy, which is far more successful, and reports that more couples are staying together.

With hypnosis based therapy, and emotional based therapy, more and more couples are satisfied with what they are getting out of it, and what the therapist helps them understand, making them stronger as a couple, and helping them understand one another a bit easier, in turn, making for a longer marriage.

Duration & The Counselor

A couple of the big factors that will determine if therapy and counseling are going to work is where you go, who is counseling you, and how long you stay with the counselor. Obviously, over an extended period of time, you are going to be able to hash out more issues, get more things out in the open, and repair far more marital issues, that might previously have seemed something you were not able to work out.

The way you feel with the therapist, and how comfortable you are as a couple, around your therapist, is also an indicator as to how much success you can expect. The better the therapist, and the more open you are to communicate with them, about all issues, and on all levels, the better the success rates you can expect when you go to counseling as a couple together.

There are quite a few methods of marriage reparation you can consider, if you feel things are going in the wrong direction. As a couple, you have to consider all of them. But, with the right therapist, and with an open and willing relationship, and both partners willing to give it a try, couples counseling is by far one of the most successful, as long as the right emotional based therapy is used, and the best counselor is chosen for the sessions.



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