I work with schools deploying iPod Touch-based 1:1 learning programs for their students. That is how I heard about a high-school student campaigning for the use of technology in education. I believe his voice should be heard, and this interview is my contribution towards that end.

For the benefit of people who are not aware, what is iSchool Initiative?

iSchool Initiative is a student-led non-profit organization dedicated to bringing technology to the classroom. We have three objectives – raising awareness for the technological needs of the classroom, providing collaborative research on the use of technology in the classroom, and guiding schools in the implementation of this technology.

Can you describe that “aha” moment when you came up with this concept?

After receiving an iPhone for Christmas in 2008 I began exploring the use of applications, and particularly how I could use them to help with my school work. I was amazed at all the many wonderful things I was discovering. One day, I was using my iPhone in class when something hit me. What if everyone in my class had one of these? What possibilities would there be then? In my excitement and desire to share my discovery with everyone, I made a YouTube video to share what I had found. I called it the iSchool Initiative. From that point on, I expanded the concept, did my research, and found out that this idea was catching on. Thus the iSchool Initiative was formed.

What is your vision and goal for iSchool Initiative?

The iSchool Initiative is established as the go-to place for educators, schools and students interested in developing and utilizing cutting-edge technology in classrooms. Our goal is to develop a global brand known to every school, educator and student around the world. We want the iSchool Initiative to be a reliable source people rely on to Online IB tutoring about the best-of-the-best in educational hardware and software!

Have you faced skepticism due to your age? What is your response to naysayers?

Absolutely. Naysayers are everywhere, many of my friends included. Many see my age as a hindrance on running a non-profit and bringing about the change I am striving for. Many also say that what I am attempting to accomplish is impossible.

Age is my advantage. I am my own target audience and I understand what my generation wants and needs better than the older generations. I am in the perfect position, using my lack of wisdom to my advantage. The older you get, the more impossible you think something may be and the more society tells you that you can’t achieve it. I am under the impression that anything is possible and if I put my mind to it I can make it happen.


By Gilbert

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