If you want a rough idea about a boiler service cost here’s a quick guide… for a standard central heating boiler you might be looking at around 80 to 110, if your boiler is a more modern high-efficiency boiler then you could be looking at 150 or more. Unfortunately, it’s never quite as easy as giving an exact price, without determining the factors which can affect the overall cost of your boiler service.

So what affects the boiler service cost, and how can you get the best price?

Intervals between services: Older boilers are often more unreliable, and therefore may need servicing more frequently. As a result, though the servicing is cheaper, you may end up paying more in the long runs due to the regularity of the work. Newer, more modern boilers will require less servicing, however the individual cost will be a great deal higher. It’s always important to check the recommended service intervals for your model, particularly if stated by the manufacturers as there’s a chance an unserviced boiler could invalidate warrantees.

Boiler Type: Depending on your current boiler installation, you will find that boilers which burn different fuels will also have varying costs to service them. Similarly G-grade boilers will no-doubt cost less to service then A-Grade boilers. It may also be the case that different fuels also means different service intervals which can certainly add up if not considered.

Service Type: One important point to remember is that a ‘boiler check’ is very different to a ‘boiler service’. Though a boiler check will be significantly cheaper, it is a far less comprehensive check on your boiler, and won’t provide the peace of mind a full service will. It’s important not to try and save money by undertaking one of these as they may well invalidate your boiler warrantee also.

Time & Location: What time of year is it… and where in the are you? These are both factors which will ultimately have an impact on price. busier cities and capitals will inevitably have a premium added to the overall boiler service cost in relation to the cost of living. Time of year can also be an influential factor, with several boiler companies increasing prices in the colder months when demand is at its peak.

So how do you save on your boiler service cost?

It is still possible to save a decent amount of money on the cost of your boiler service. One of the most effective, and straightforward ways is by comparing quotations from local specialists eager to carry out your work. UK Boiler Quotes was setup to allow you to do just that, in a safe controlled environment which unlike other services is completely free.


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