Redecorating your home in contemporary style should be a fun project. This kind of design calls for functional furniture and simple decorations. Your furniture should look and feel light to give your home a spacious and clean look. You can use this kind of design for an urban condo or for a modern suburban home.

There are some elements that characterize contemporary design which you can incorporate into your furnishings and decor accents. The good thing about this kind of design theme is affordability and the ease of finding contemporary home furnishings. You can accentuate your furniture with contemporary canvas wall art and other functional decorative pieces.

If you already have contemporary furniture, then the only thing left to do is to match your wall art with the rest of the room. Find paintings that are simple and reflect something modern. Look for artwork that also uses colors that are in. Every few years, color trends change, to keep up with the contemporary theme use paintings that are also in tune with what is currently hot such as new and popular color themes

When art work is called contemporary, it also means that the artwork was painted in current times by an artist who is probably still alive. To find artwork that was painted recently, you can visit art fairs. Sometimes the mural artist paints something on that spot. Look for an artist at the fair whose painting style you prefer. The artist should have a number of works on display.

Another way to find contemporary canvas wall art is through an art store online. Some artists maintain their own websites and post pictures of their current artworks. You can also check other online art stores that sell paintings made by their in-house artists. Some art dealers also sell art for a number of contemporary artists in one website.

It might be a good idea to look for your painting on these websites because they offer more than one style of artwork since they offer paintings made by various artists. You can find contemporary canvas wall art in different subjects from modern cityscapes to abstract art. Most paintings have dates on the canvas aside from the artist’s signature.

Look for paintings that have been painted recently to make sure they are contemporary. Another tip is to get your painting unframed. Unframed canvas mounted on gallery wrapped canvas make contemporary looking wall art. They are simple and fuss-free and give off a carefree look. Framed paintings can look a bit heavy and frilly.


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