When learning to play violin you must make a choice of how you will acquire your instrument and what type it will be. Without a violin at your disposal you cannot play, practice, and improve. The prices of violins vary widely. There are several factors you should be aware of when making your decision on a violin that we will discuss in this article.

What you should do in the way of acquiring an instrument varies depending on your experience, budget, and love of the instruments. Beginner violins can be purchased very cheaply, so if you’re just getting a starter violin you won’t really need to rent. You should, however, take into account the fact that as a beginner you will advance much more quickly than if you were at a higher level. Some just really like having quality instruments around available to them all the time. It is a point of pride to say they own it.

Renting is helpful for cases in which you are giving the rent violin a trial. If you haven’t spent much time with the instrument before, it can be difficult to say if you really enjoy it and want to keep with it. Also, if you’re not sure how a particular model will suit you or your playing style, renting prior to buying may be wise.

If you are just starting violin, renting is often suggested. As you gain more skill, you are likely to want to have a higher quality violin that you can work with more effectively. This option is especially for the young who will not only be advancing in skill, but growing in stature to the point where after a while they will no longer be able to comfortably play their instrument, if they bought it. There are stores that you can buy violins from and upgrade as needed, but the terms of those agreements can vary widely.

If you already are positive that you’re going to be dedicating a fair amount of time to the violin or intend on pursuing a career with it, buying one is the only smart option. It can end up being more expensive and a sizable inconvenience if you don’t.

Some may want to have a high quality violin only for special occasions and merely display it the rest of the time. This is usually a category of people where passion and money both run high. High quality violins can be absurdly expensive.

If you’ve decided to buy, you must also be on the look out for a few things when selecting your instrument. It is possible to buy used, this gets you better deals, but you must also have a keener eye when analyzing the instrument. Many instruments are in poor condition as the prior owner neglected them. This isn’t always true. Without the foresight given here, they may have needed to move on to a higher quality instrument.

If you are buying used, be sure to avoid instruments with cracks in the body or warping or bulging of the wood. Also check to see that everything is aligned as it should be.

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