Office furniture is an essential part of every business and organization. Often businesses will upgrade or replace their furniture and they are left to find somewhere to dispose of the items. Throwing them in a landfill is not an environmentally conscious way to get rid of office furniture as it adds to the already overloaded landfills. As more people and businesses adopt a ‘green’ lifestyle, there are more eco-friendly ways to get rid of their office furniture. One such way is donating it to a needy cause. By doing so, you are helping the environment and a charity.

One way to locate a place to donate office furniture donation is to check online for organizations that accept these types of items. If the organization has a charity status, you will receive a receipt for your donation that you can use for a business tax deduction. It is important that you give them all of your contact information and address so they can give you a tax receipt. You can donate chairs, desks, tables, copiers, phones, fax machines, printers, and computers. For instance, Freecycle is a nonprofit organization that is a free internet service helping to encourage the reuse of items instead of throwing them away. You just post what items you have to give away on the list that serves your area. You will not get a tax receipt, but you will be helping someone in need as well as helping the environment.

The following lists where a business can donate office furniture:

1. Goodwill Industries International is one of the largest organizations that helps people in financial distress and people with disabilities. This organization accepts all types of items of which they will sell at a discounted price in one of their many stores across the country. Funds raised go toward such programs as job training for welfare recipients, and assisting people who are disabled, homeless, and illiterate. Check in your local area for a local Goodwill store.

2. The Salvation Army is another wonderful non profit organization where one can donate office furniture. The Salvation Army accepts furniture, including household goods, appliances… etc. The Salvation Army will take the donated items and sell them in their store and then the money is given to charity. There are many Salvation Army stores. You can just check your local telephone book for the nearest location.

3. A business can also arrange for an office donation drive. You can gather all of your furniture and offer it to local organizations such as schools, thrift stores, community groups, churches, hospitals, children’s groups…etc. You can often arrange for a pick up from one of these groups.

4. is another great charity that takes donations. The teachers make a wish list for materials, equipment, and supplies they need for their classrooms. Donors can locate teachers through the website using the Wish List search. You can check your local area for teachers in need of supplies.

There are many places where a business can donate their office furniture. It is great publicity and a business will be doing their part to help the environment while helping people in need.


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