A Tarot card deck is typically formed of 78 cards, 22 Major Arcana and 46 Minor Arcana, the last divided into 4 suits: wands, pentacles, swords and cups. Many people are drawn to the Tarot as a divination tool, but it’s also commonly used as an aid to meditation and a tool for spiritual healing. If you are new to the Tarot, keep reading to learn the basics on how to use Tarot cards.

Getting To Know Your Tarot Cards

The first thing you’ll need if you want to learn how to use the Tarot is understanding the meanings behind the different cards. Tarot decks are beautifully decorated with illustrations filled with symbolism, and no two decks are the same. The meanings of the cards of a regular Tarot card set are the same across different decks, but you may find that some decks showcase some particular aspects of a card better than others. If you just got a new Tarot deck it’s a good idea to spend some time looking at the fortune cards, playing with them and learning about their meanings and the symbols behind the images.

Ask A Question

Whether you are using Tarot as a way to learn about the future or a tool for meditation and self-knowledge you will need to learn how to ask the right questions. The answers the Tarot can give are not of the yes/no variety, so questions that ask about What and How work much better. For example, instead of asking “Will I get a new job?” you should open yourself to the possibilities and ask advice in the form “What can I do to get a new job I love?” or “How should I proceed to improve my career situation?”.

Choosing A Spread

A Tarot spread is a particular way Tarot cards are placed on the table in order to interpret ate a reading. Tarot spreads can go from one card to using the full deck, and most of them will use both Major and Minor Arcana. Depending on your experience reading Tarot cards, personal preference and the question that it’s on your mind, some spreads are better than others. Sometimes it’s worth doing several readings on the same subject, to get a more accurate picture of the situation.

The Ritual

Once you have chosen a spread and have a question ready that can be answered by the cards it’s time to perform the reading. You may want to burn some incense, light a candle or perform any kind of ritual that sets your mind on the right frame and welcomes positive energies to the reading. Shuffle the cards while focusing on your question until they feel right, and choose the number of cards needed for the spread you are drawing, placing them facedown on the table. Some people just focus on the question on their minds, while others like saying it aloud or even writing it on paper. Giving words to a mental question seems to help focus the mind and make the question clearer on your mind, but choose whatever feels better to you.

Reading The Cards

It’s often easier to first uncover each card and read its meaning on the spread one by one, and focus afterwards on the reading as a whole. Look at each card and its position on the spread, and try to identify what message the card is trying to convey, and how can it be related to your question. Sometimes the meanings are very obvious, and sometimes it may take a bit of time. Often you’ll find that a card’s meaning changes when other cards are uncovered that help you see the message more clearly.


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