Many workforce facilities are turning to workforce management software, a software-based type of labor management system (LMS), to manage employee time, attendance, job costing and parts tracking. Management software allows offices, factories, warehouses and distribution facilities to streamline nearly every aspect of employee management, from time and attendance management to job costing.

Most workforce management software is web based, operating from an online database. This allows data – such as employees clocking in, location entry and job costing – to be entered through a wide range of devices in virtually any location.

Automated Time and Attendance Data Collection

One of the biggest benefits of integrating software into a facility is the automation of time and attendance data collection. Employees clock in through web browsers on desktop computers, IP phones, wall mounted devices or biometric scanners. The Workforce management software master database is updated with time and attendance information in real time, and supervisors, human resources and payroll personnel have immediate access to this information through the software’s online interface.

The automated collection of accurate employee time and attendance data helps workplaces cut employee management and payroll costs significantly. Leave time and attendance history is automatically tracked, and human resources is notified when employees accrue new benefits. Workforce management software’s time and attendance tracking also cuts significant payroll labor time by eliminating the need for manual data entry; each employee’s time sheets are automatically compiled for the payroll department.

Job Costing and Repetitive Parts Accounting

Labor management software enables employees to record each time they begin a new task and where that task is located by quickly scanning job codes into data input devices. Fast, easy job costing allows workplaces to accurately track employee job descriptions and task locations as they change throughout the work day. Workforce management software also allows facilities to track repetitive tasks as employees complete them. Repetitive parts accounting tells facilities exactly how long it takes for different employees to complete specific tasks, allowing supervisors to make more accurate judgments towards improving workforce efficiency.

Location Tracking and Door Access

Badge ID readers and biometric scanners can easily be integrated into workforce software systems. Badge readers and scanners can work as both time clocks and door access points. This enables employee location to be tracked via clock in location, and it also enables facilities to only provide employees access to areas of a facility they are authorized to enter. The workforce management software’s interface can be used to change door access for individuals or groups of employees depending on where employees are needed from day to day.


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