Nowadays, most colleges in China require students to pay for their education fees, and tuition fees are very high; ranging from 3,000 to 20,000 Yuan per year, especially for students enroll in private colleges. That is very hard to figure out why a school need such a mount of money. Many people disapprove the requirements for large tuition fees, because it is a heavy burden for ordinary families. But the fact is that, the colleges often have sufficient reasons to charge high tuition fees. In my opinion, I don’t agree with the high tuition charged by the college.

First of all, for the students who are looking to enroll in colleges, high tuition may be a big concern, which will shut the disadvantaged students out from colleges. Generally speaking, current tuition are beyond what low-in-come families can afford, especially those in rural areas. They often weigh how much their families can afford versus how much it will cost if primary chinese tuition enroll in colleges. If they are lucky enough, they can go to their desired colleges, if the tuition is a burden for their families, they may be give up this opportunity though their scores meet a very good college. So this is very unfair for students from poor families. According to a survey, in our country, a farmer’s pure income is about 3,000 Yuan per year. On the contrary, the average tuition fee of an undergraduate is around 6,000 Yuan, while not including the living and medical expenses. That’s to say, a four-year higher education costs a farmer’s eight-year income. That is very amazing for me. Considering the high tuition, many farmer families have to give up the idea of sending their children to accept high education.

Moreover, the unreasonable charges in colleges are very common. Our education law stipulates that students should pay 25 percent of education costs. However, as a matter of fact, a large number of students are now charged as much as half of the actual education costs. In other words, their tuition fees are much higher than what they should pay. Chinese students pay the highest tuition in the world, while in recent years China still in the line of developing countries. So it is very unfair if colleges charge high tuition to shift their financial burden to students’ shoulders.

While many experts claim that colleges charge high tuition to offer a better teaching and learning environment, and I don’t think it is a very good excuse. As a matter of fact, they can find some education organization to help them or raise technical activities to get funds, rather than give heavy burden on students.


By Gilbert

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