The days of buy and hold stock investing maybe over forever. In the past, it used to work well. But not anymore. Remember the saying, a rising tide lifts all boats. So when there was a general uptrend in the stock market, it would naturally lift almost all the stocks with it. The longest uptrend in the US Stock Market started from 1950s and lasted till maybe 2000! During these five decades, the stock market was in a uptrend that lifted almost all the stocks with it.

So if you have been pursuing buy and hold stock investing style, over the years, the stocks would invariably would have given a capital gain. But enter electronic trading and with it day trading. Traders and investors started looking for immediate returns in a matter of few days or few weeks. No one was interested in long term investing. This bought in the death of the old buy and hold style.

Now, market are ruled by extreme volatility as that shown on 6th May 2010 when the DOW JONES crumbled 1000 points and than made a return by the end of the day. New stock trading strategies are needed. In his free report, The PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS Paul Lemal shows you those news stock selection and market timing strategies that can give explosive returns.

After reading this PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS Report by Paul Lemal you will know when a stock should be bought, sold or left alone. When you read this free report, you will know:

**What is a stock DNA? Understanding this is crucial in making a 30% annual return or a300% annual return.

**How to accurately read the price action so that you don’t leave the trade too early and overstay your welcome in the market.

**Learn how to read a stock fundamentals with little known clues left by the other stock traders that you can use to your own advantage.

Momentum trading is the name of the game. In momentum trading, you look for stocks that are about to make monster move in the market. What you need to do is to find those killer stocks on the verge of making a massive breakout either upside or downside and then capitalize on that. This method works!

Paul Lemal was a real estate developer who would dabble in stock trading as a hobby. Over the years he did a lot of research on how to unearth those killer stocks that can give massive gains in a matter of few days or weeks. You need to read his PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS REPORT. It gives killer stock selection strategies!

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