Using Google’s advanced search operators can help in more ways than many people realize, including searching for the answers to mathematical equations, changing measurement units, or searching for other numbers like a city’s zip code or UPS tracking numbers. Some of these operators can also be used in other search engines, like MSN and Yahoo!

Google became a super calculator when one day a Google engineer rigged up a way to use Google as a calculator, when he was supposed to be working on Google’s spell checking program.
Note that there are no spaces between the search operator and the Web page URL.

Mathematical Equations

When trying to solve math problems and there is no calculator near by, use For example, for basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, simply type into the search box following and hit the search Edwin Urrutia button to discover the answers: 47+92 or type 2007-1978 or type 12*5 or type 100/20. The math symbols can all be found on your keyboard.

For more complex problems, you still follow the same directions in Google’s search box and find the answers by clicking the search button. When doing exponents (raise to the power of), type 5^8. When working with roots, try typing 5th root of 100 or 8th root of 225. Use A% of B to compute percentages, like typing into the search box 20% of 1000. Modulo finds the remainder after a division problem, like typing 20%7.

To find logarithm base 10, type into the search box log(100,000) or logarithm base e by typing ln(17). Square roots can be computed by typing sqrt(25). Google can even perform trigonometry! Type sin(pi/5) or tan(45 degrees) into the search box for instance.

Measurement Units

Most people find it difficult to recall how many centimeters are in meters, tons in kilograms or feet in so many miles. Again, using Google’s “in” operator will solve these unit problems. Type 10 terabytes in gigabytes to find the answer to how many gigabytes there are or 34 meters in centimeters to find out how many centimeters there are. Most other measurement units will also work here.

Searching by Numbers

Did you know Google comes in handy when searching UPS, FedEx or USPS tracking numbers? Just type the tracking numbers into Google and click the search button. In addition, use Google for finding telephone area code numbers, zip codes, and vehicle ID numbers (VIN) the same way. Type patent 1234567 into the search box to find patent numbers or type FAA airplane registration numbers or even FCC equipment IDs by typing fcc HY4W-67002-KLM.

Google’s results are usually displayed without Web search results, and Google will provide a link to search for the equation entered, if you are interested in browsing other Websites where the equations appear. Though Google still does not every mathematical equation or possible number series or measurement unit search in its index, many of these math problems and numbers work very well, for those in need of a quick calculator or number search result, (and yes, even for those of us who aren’t very strong in these areas.)


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