Is mountain hiking best enjoyed solo or as part of a group? I guess the answer to that question is really down to your own personal preferences. A lone mountaineering trip will allow you to wonder where ever you like, go at your speed and no-one else’s as well as giving you valuable thinking time – so for many, lone hiking is a great experience. Whilst mountaineering alone is enjoyed by many, it is not without its risks and dangers, so I’ve outlined a few tips to make your trip safe and enjoyable.

o Don’t head out alone if you are new to the mountains. Go on some group mountaineering trips first until you are confident you know what a foothold looks like and how to avoid the greasy slab. By the time you head out alone, you should be practiced at crossing steep ground in different weathers both on grass and on scree.

o Plan your route carefully and avoid dangerous, steep hillsides. If you hurt yourself, you’re on your own!

o Ensure you have everything necessary to navigate in all weathers and visibility levels. Most Mountain Rescue Backpacking Trails Ultimate Backpacking Guide incidents arise from poor navigation. Make sure you go equipped with everything you need from compasses to waterproof jackets, and you may find it useful to check the weather.

o Make sure someone knows your route, when to expect you back and who to contact if you’re not back by a certain time. If possible, contact someone on route to advise them of your progress, but be aware, you may not have signal on your mobile to allow for this.

o If you need Mountain Rescue, call 999 and ask for the Police and then Mountain Rescue – You will need to provide them with an accurate grid reference. Often a mobile phone with now signal will patch through to another network on a 999 call.

o Ensure you have some emergency kit to look after yourself in case of injury. I would recommend at a Blizzard Pack, group shelter (2person), first aid kit, mobile phone, spare clothing, spare hat and gloves, and a spare map and compass or a GPS if you have one.

Enjoy your lone mountaineering, but be safe!


By Gilbert

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