The Nintendo DS Lite in pink is one of the many choices of Nintendo DS Lite colours that you have to select from when looking to buy a Nintendo DS lite console.Although on the face of it pink is an unlikely colour for a piece of high tech equipment, the colour scheme is very popular.

So what does your Nintendo DS lite in pink give you in terms of features. Firstly, as the DS in the name suggests, it has dual or two screens – one in the lid and one in the bottom part of the console.These two screens have independent processors which opens up a whole world of possibilities when designing applications and games for the DS lite.

The DS lite also has other rather unique features such as:

1) Wireless multi-player capabilities that function up to about a 30m (100ft) diameter around a player.

2) A built in microphone that allows a player to interact with some of the games.

3) A touch screen. This allows the gamer to have direct input into some games and will enhance the gaming experience as more games make use of this feature.

4) The Nintendo Wi-Fi connection which is a free online connection using wireless internet points and allows sell my nintendo DS users to interact in games with anyone, anywhere.

So there, very briefly, are a few of the features of the Nintendo DS lite in pink – and the DS lite in black and crimson, silver, white, and blue to name but a few!

The best place to find great Nintendo DS Lite deals is on the auction sites where entrepreneurs with low overheads can undercut the major retail outlets or ordinary people sell used Nintendo DS lite consoles at second hand prices. Either way, if you are looking for a cheap Nintendo DS lite, then this is where you will find them readily available.

The best way to purchase the Super Nintendo console today is in a bundle with controllers, all cords needed for connections, and possibly some games to get you started. Watch out for people selling the console only as it won’t give you the connection cords needed to make it work. If you shop auction sites online you can find Super Nintendo console bundles that include a wide selection of games. This is the most cost effective way to go since some games can sell for incredibly high prices when purchased alone.

If you are worried about what your children are exposed to during their game time, the Super Nintendo console is the best way to go. You can bring home clean, wholesome fun while allowing them to play games just like all their friends do.


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