With current conditions in the property market it is now more important than ever to make sure your home is in its best possible state before putting it up for sale. Selling property can be an arduous task and can take time, however by following these tips it should be possible to have your property ready for sale in no time.

Firstly it is vital that you should understand the importance of curb appeal. First impressions can mean everything when selling property with many buyers making up their minds within the first minute of seeing a Realtor Oro Valley property. Subsequently, it is a fundamental part of the selling process to ensure your home is neat, tidy and attractive from the outside. By taking the time to tend the front garden, touch up various aspects of the home such as windows and fascias you present the property well from the outset. Additionally, it may be worth spending some money on new plants and flowers to add to the aesthetics of the home.

Carrying on the importance of presentation it is also vital that you clean the house from top to toe before any potential buyers see it. Put simply the property for sale must gleam and sparkle. A few hours cleaning can mean the difference between enticing a buying and having them rule out your home.

It is also essential that you take the time to fix those little nagging jobs that have been outstanding for years. It could be a dripping tap, touching up the skirting boards or even replacing a cracked bathroom tile but if you are to achieve a decent price, it is worth spending the time paying attention to the little things that buyers will notice.

As part of the cleaning and fixing process it is also important to remove any clutter that is in the home. Whilst we all love our possessions but these do not sell homes, instead space and the freedom to move is likely to be a much larger draw to a potential buyer.

Whenever putting a property up for sale it is advisable to neutralise and depersonalise the home. Use neutral colours to show the buyer a blank canvas and ensure that photographs, and other such personal items are removed. By doing this you reinforce the thought that the buyers could see themselves making a home in the property, instead of moving into an existing household.


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