A bar is not just any place you can sit at and gulp down alcohol, it has more to it. The distinctive feature of a bar is the aura it has about itself; it is this aura which draws people to a bar. Why people love to drink alcohol is a very tough question to answer, but why they prefer to visit one Rooftop bar Singapore in particular is quiet easy to understand. The competition is really stiff and your bar needs to be truly good for people to choose it over others. Following the commonly chosen path will of course lead you to the same fate faced by others. However, if you want to be the master of your fate, try doing things differently, and you are sure to get a different response.

Try renovating or rearranging your bar

Many a times, people get bored of the interior design of a place. The way things have been designed or even arranged goes a long way in defining the look of a place too. Even a beautiful room can look bad with things wrongly arranged in it. You can give a fresh look to your bar without even changing the existing furniture or items present in your bar. Think modern, think fresh and your bar is definitely going to look different. Opening a bar in unconventional locations such as rooftops and beaches is of course the best thing one could do. However, if you think you would not be able to bear the expenses, try giving your bar a theme. They too are a huge hit; your customers would love to visit a theme based bar.

Play good music

The ambience of your bar needs to be vibrant and comforting at the same time. The music you play at your bar has to be different. Try keeping a good balance of the new and old collection. You will never know what is going on in the minds of the customers, so it would always be better to stick to the classic tracks.

Employ better staff

The way your staffs serve the customers can also be a reason for your bar’s reducing number of customers. I am sure we all must have come across waiters who are rude and hostile, they upset us. So while changing things around your bar, you can either brief your staff to be better with their service or find better staff that would treat your customers the way they need to be.

Offer the best drinks

Alcohol of course is the most important thing about your bar; people come there for it only. So pay special attention to the alcohol you offer. Get a good bartender who knows his job and loves it too. The customers get bored of drinking the same kind of drinks, get a bartender who is too good with mixing and matching the spirits and would come up with something original every now and then. With such a bartender around, people would look forward to visiting your bar again and again in search of something more creative and different.

Bars have been one of the most successful businesses of all times. They have a very low risk of running in losses. However, if you feel your bar’s income is much below your expectations, I think it’s time you tried these tips.


By Gilbert

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