PhantomScript is an internal League of Legends Script that is guaranteed to help you climb the ladder! Important features such as Evade, Prediction, Orbwalker, Target-Selector & Champion Combos will give you a unique gaming experience. we are undetected for over 3 years thanks to our advanced bypass technology.

Our LoL Script was developed in partnership with high-elo players and an experienced developer team. We could even convince players who play on the rank Challanger to use our software. Regardless of your rank, you will bring your ingame mechanics to a maximum!

You’re upset because you keep losing? With PhantomScript you can change that right now! What are you waiting for? Get an License now & take your LoL MMR and gaming experience to the next level! Show your friends who’s the best!

What Is Scripting In LoL?

When looking at League of Legends as a video game itself, there is no obvious way you could hack. In first-person shooter games, such as Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, it would be blatantly obvious if someone uses wallhack or even aimbot. It wouldn’t take a lot of time for you to spot a cheater and call him out. Well, in League that had to be taken a step further.

LoL Scripting enhances your abilities with the help of perfect AI. With the press of a button, it will help you have perfect kiting, orbwalking, or combos. The script constantly evaluates the game and makes real-time decisions based on certain parameters. For example, when fighting with an enemy champion, it will calculate whether you can kill him or not. It will take into consideration the amount of health they have, as well as their defensive stats, and then compare it to the maximum damage you can output.

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