Water damage can take place for plenty of reasons. Calling in a professional at the earliest sign of damage will be necessary to ensure that no further problems arise. However, there are certain steps you can take as a property owner, to restore the damage while you wait for a professional to arrive.

Water damage can occur as a result of:

– Flood damage – accidental or as a result of nature.
– Storm damage – caused by excessive rain or a mudslide.
– A slow leak which has been unchecked for many years.

Calling in a Water Damage Professional is the Best Course of Action:

There are plenty of professional companies that specialize in restoring water and flood damage in homes. Restoration Companies specialize in cleaning up residential or commercial properties following a water damage professionals Bentonville, AR incident. A professional Company can prove to be immensely helpful since they will be experienced enough to decide which repairs would be needed in order to stop the damage from spreading.

Steps to follow at home after experiencing an incident:

While you wait for a water restoration specialist to arrive, there are several things that you can do on your own to deal with water damage; these steps will allow you to minimize the damage to some of your personal belongings.

1. Circulate air

Circulate air by opening the windows and putting on your fan. By opening windows and doors, you will reduce the moisture inside your property. Moisture is the leading cause of mildew and mold growth.

2. Remove floor coverings and rugs

The next step is to remove all the floor coverings and rugs. Rugs and carpets can retain a lot of moisture and are a breeding place for mold. We suggest that you hang the rugs outside your property and air them so that all the moisture will be removed.

3. Dealing with furniture

To prevent permanent damage to furniture after a water damage incident, use wooden blocks and place them under the furniture legs. If there is any water remaining on your floor, you will have to remove the furniture from the affected areas. Furniture will absorb more moisture if it remains in water for a long period of time.

4. Remove fabrics

All wet fabrics in the affected areas should be removed, including:

– Lounge coverings
– Bedding
– Curtains

Once fabrics have been soaked in water, they will continue to add to the moisture in the air. Wet fabrics must be removed and aired outside until they have dried thoroughly.

After all steps have been followed, you should wait for professionals to arrive. A water damage restoration Company will have the knowledge and equipment to completely dry and repair any damages following a disaster.


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