Your Yamaha motorbike insurance provider would want you to know these preparation tips if you are considering a road trip on your bike this summer. There is nothing quite like the open road, wind all around you, just you and your machine, and your best mates. Be sure you take a few extra precautions before you leave, however. And remember that no preparation takes the place of quality Yamaha motorbike insurance. The two must work together.

Plan a Good Plan
You should never be in a hurry on a motorbike tours vietnam. There will always be unexpected hiccups and you must take frequent rest breaks. Plan your route accordingly, with plenty of rest opportunities available. Of course, these unexpected problems can be minimised by carrying good break down cover on your Yamaha motorbike insurance policy.

Check Your Bike
Have all your servicing current and be sure to look over the machine thoroughly. Check tyros, fluids, and all moving parts. This includes things like oil changes, air filters, tune ups, tyre pressure, tyre tread, wheel balancing, brake fluid, brake pads, and all electronics such as signals and head lamps.

Pack as Lightly as Possible
Keep the packing to a minimum when taking a motorbike holiday. You do not want to overload your bike with excess baggage. Be sure to distribute all the weight evenly across the bikes center of gravity. Be sure to include a basic tool kit, a first aid kit in case of emergency, a torch and your route map. Yamaha motorbike insurance can only go so far in helping you in the event of a mishap. You should be prepared for every eventuality.

Papers and Laws
Ensure all your legal papers are in order regarding bike operation. And pack copies of these papers for your trip. This includes Yamaha motorbike insurance, MOT, road tax, and driving license. If you plan to take the trip abroad, call your Yamaha motorbike insurance agent to make sure your policy covers you in foreign countries. Bring your passport, EHIC card, and V5 registration along as well. It is the law. Also be sure you are familiar with speed limits in areas you are unfamiliar with.

Always wear weather appropriate clothing for your trip and if possible, full protective gear. Many Yamaha Motorbike insurance policies require full protective gear to have been worn in order to pay for any injuries or hospitalization.

Money and Petrol-They Make the World (and your wheels) Go ‘Round
Be sure to bring enough fuel and currency for your journey. Obviously you cannot carry extra fuel in most situations, so make sure to plan your route according to how frequently you will need to stop and fill up.



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